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About Us: Our Colorful World

Stylenya was born in Hialeah, South Florida. We are a brave family of 4 and we are trying to create our own market by creating wonderful products for birthdays and any kind of Partys.

All our final products are complete handmade and personalized for you. We're use some of the base characters of actual cartoons but without the intensions of violate the trademark or copyright laws: ALL the images and fonts belong to the owners, and we only sell the final product, and we never used the marketing of their marks.
In the beginning, the idea and the first steps, was assumed by 2 persons:

- Amonra: Is one of the owners, creators and a Lead Master Designer.
- Angela: The other owner, she's a master mind and creators too.

Actually, our team have other members, with more ideas and with a bigger goal: Prepare for you our best decorations products for your events, with higher quality, amazing designs and the fastest shipping of the market.

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