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This Gabby Birthday Cake Topper 3D Decoration is an ideal addition to your party decorations. This topper is easy to assemble. Just insert the wooden stick into the cake. This topper is made of high-quality glitter paper and card stock, which ensures its durability. This product is suitable for all kinds of cakes. This topper comes in a beautiful design and will make your cake the centerpiece of your party.

- High-quality: Made of high-quality cardstock material, durable and reusable.

- Unique Design: This 3D cake topper is designed specially for you. It will add a unique and festive touch to your party cake.

- Easy to Use: Simply insert the topper into the top of your cake and it will stand upright, making it easy to display and impress your guests.


The Package includes:
- Cake Topper
- 2 Glue Dot
- 2 Sticks


The basic size is: 6.5-inch x 6.3-inch but the final size depend of the name and the design


- We have available other colors of the glitter: Hot Pink, Golden, Silver, Light Blue, Dark Blue. If you would like to change it just ask for the color that you'll like.

Gabby Birthday Cake Topper Decoration, Girls Gabby Birthday Party Decoration

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